For any further information regarding the different types of lessons, thanks for contacting me and I will be happy to inform you, and if necessary, an information session at the music studio may be planned.
As for lessons, equipments will be at disposal and all the questions on the different pedagogies will be asked. 

  • EASYGUITARE annual course packages include 36 lessons.
  • The year includes 10 months of lessons spread over three quarters. There are no classes during the official school holidays of the Canton of Geneva.
  • Classes begin after the start of the school year in order to allow a reasonable period of scheduling.
  • Different annual lessons packages are offered from 30 to 60 minutes.
  • According to the teacher’s students, group lessons may be organized as long as students are compatible.
  • Group lessons packages beneficiate of decreasing rates.
  • Annual lessons packages have priority over non-contract and on demand lessons. 

Email : info@easyguitare.ch

Mobile : + 41 78 890 16 59 (Monday to Thursday)

Music studio : + 41 22 792 42 49 (12H -19H from Monday to Wednesday)

Or through our contact form