FRANÇOIS ALBA, born in 1962 in Geneva, musician composer from an early age. In 1991, he completed his musical studies at the M.I.T. of Los Angeles (USA) where he graduated with a special mention “HONORS” and nominated “Outstanding Student Of The Year”. 

From then on, he will accumulate a solid professional experience by linking numerous musical projects of various contemporary styles, dotted with scenes, recordings of albums, passing by San Francisco, Spain, England, France and Switzerland. 

In 2016, his band “PA-KO” was chosen to represent Switzerland at the Festival des Francophonies in the Philippines. Returning from the tour, with his bassist brother, they refound the group into “eXomind” and integrate the American singer Brian JOHNSTON alias B-JAY (Songs Writer for Universal Artist / Warner Brothers). 

For 25 years, he has taught music and guitar as a freelancer in his studios in Switzerland and France, specially equipped for the different types of lessons he offers and for which he has developed his own teaching methods. 

In 2017, new skin, F.A. SiLA MuZic migrates into EASYGUITARE. He becomes the official partner of the company Servette Music, Geneva Music and collaborates with The Works. 

Thanks to his studies (CFC and diplomas) and his professional background in the fields of technology, he also offers specialized courses on musical equipment and computer assisted music (MAO). 

He founded in association with Mr. E. Pochon, the company S.C.G Stage Custom Gear. Crafts company specializing in the production of specific equipments for stage musicians. 

2017 EXOMIND –

Pop Rock style tinged with Blues, Soul and Funk influences. 

Soloist Guitarist, Author, Composer. 

In association with his brother Pascal, in 2016, after returning from the tour in the Philippines, the Pa-KO band was completely overhauled. They refound the group into “ALBA Group” with new musicians. They collaborate and integrate in the group the American singer Brian JONHSON aka B-JAY (Songs Writer for Universal / Warner Brothers). 

In the purest tradition of a 90’s progressive Rock, it is a project of an ambitious show which through the original compositions, tells an adventure based on the progression of the human being towards the artificial intelligence. 



Blues Rock / Rhythm & Blues style. 

Soloist guitarist in the formation founded by his bassist brother, a dynamic septet bringing together some of the best musicians in the region. 

Original interpretations of composers such as Ray Charles, Muddy Water, Stevie Ray Vaughan, ZZ Top, Robert Johnson, J.J. Cale. 

At each concert, they combine performance and groove around furious improvisations. Super sound, great moments, very hot!


2017-2018 EASYGUITARE – Guitar lessons and specialized courses on musical equipment –

He teaches guitar and music as a freelancer. With his experience, he develops three methods of pedagogy adapted to students. 

F.A. SiLA MuZic migrates into EASYGUITARE. He becomes an official partner of Servette Music, and collaborates with The Works in Geneva. 
He is a technical advisor and gives courses on musical equipments (CFC Electronics & IT Diplomas). 

2017-2018 S.C.G STAGE CUSTOM GEAR – Custom Stage Equipment –

He founded, in association with Mr. E. Pochon, S.C.G. Custom Gear Stage. 

Crafts company specialized in the production of specific musical equipment for stage musicians. 

2015-2016 Representing Switzerland at the Francophonie festival in the Philippines

Pop French tinged with Funk style. Guitarist, Author, Composer of Pa-KO group. 

In 2016 the “Pa-KO” band was chosen to represent Switzerland at the Festival des Francophonies in the Philippines. 

In association with his brother, they assume the organization of the group for the tour. Returning from the tour, they refound the group in “ALBA Group”. 

The style evolves towards the Blues Pop Folk, Pop tinged with influences Blues, Soul and Funk. 

1991-2017 F.A. SiLa MuZic – Guitar lessons on musical equipments.

He teaches guitar and music as a freelancer. With his experience, he develops three methods of pedagogy adapted to students. 

He was a final exam judge of the ETM (School of Musical Technologies) and Espace Musical. He collaborated with the music school “Music Arts”, Geneva. He has conducted musical workshops. He is a technical consultant and teaches courses on musical equipments (CFC Electronics & IT Diplomas). 

2013-2016 INDIGO

Pop / Soul style.

Animation group and covers.

Interpretations of artists such as Nneka, Lizz Wright, Andreya Triana, Selah Sue.

2013-2017 ONE WAY

Blues Rock / Hard Blues style.

Animation group and covers.

Interpretations by artists such as Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, B. B. KING, John Mayer.

2010-2014 Founder, artistic director and vice president of ALM music school

He founded the AML, Association for Music on Lancy, with the collaboration of Marshal Onex (Mr. De Leonardis President AML) and the Mayor of Lancy (Mr. Lance). School in partnership with the town hall of Lancy. 

He holds the position of Artistic Director – Course Director. He provides his teaching methods. The AML is based at Tivoli School on Lancy. It shares the premises and collaborates with the Lancy fanfare. The AML practices local education and provides classes for independent quality teachers in Geneva.

2006 – 2016 Pa-KO


Pop Rock French style.

Recording of the album “Dream!” Author, composer, guitarist & performer.

In 2006 he founded the PAKO group and co-produced the album. Responsible for production and publishing.

Partnership with the French publishing label GHOST LA. 

2007 – 2010 Solo guitarist of the Blouse Bag Group

In collaboration with his bassist brother, this band combines performance and groove. 

Improvisations around composers such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Storyville or Jimi Hendrix. The Alba brothers remix live performances, at each concert, it’s a new version, hot! 

2006 – 2007 Nasty Blues soloist guitarist

Blues Rock / Hard Blues style. 

Animation group and covers. 

Artist interpretations such as Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, The Brand New Heavies, Storyville or Jimi Hendrix.

2005 – 2008 Master Key Group Guitarist

Rhythm & Blues / Soul Funk style.

Animation group and covers. 

Artist interpretations such as Aretha Franklin, Randy Crowford, Average White Band, Doobbie Brothers or May Gray. 

2006 – 2007 Guitarist for singer Peta Gammie’s album

Jazz Pop style. 

Arrangement and recording of guitars on two titles of the album of the Australian singer Peta Gammie. 

Concerts and festivals in French-speaking Switzerland.

2003-2004 Guitarist of Pascal Alba Group Band 

Instrumental Jazz Pop Fusion style. 

P.A.G. is a Jazz Pop Fusion band. He and his brother participate in various concerts and music festivals in French-speaking Switzerland as part of the Improvised Music. 

Recording of the album “One Way” and the live album “Make My Day” at A.M.R. Geneva. 

2002 – 2003 Guitarist of the QCAÑA formation

Latin Pop Rock style. 

QCAÑA is a Hispano-Swiss Rock Pop Latin project. Composer and guitarist, in collaboration with his bassist brother Pascal Alba and the Spanish singer Mario Archidona living in Spain. 

Recording of the album for Spain in Geneva in 2003. This production project aims to reach Spanish labels and radios. 

Promotional trip for the album “Qcaña” in Barcelona and Madrid. 

1997 – 2000 Guitarist soloist of the band Just For Fun

Rhythm & Blues, Soul Funk, Rock Blues, Rock and Pop style. 

Animation group and covers. 

Artist interpretations such as Blues Brothers, Brian Adams, Aretha Franklin, Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix

1996 – 2001 Guitarist and composer of THE TOON’S BAND

French Pop Rock Funk style. Power trio version instrumental Fusion Jazz.

Back from the USA, the group comes in two versions of styles.

The first is a new Pop Rock formula from the band “TOON’S from IO” in collaboration with ALENKO singer, Alexandre Coppaloni. Responsible for management and organization, he assumes the logistics of the group.

The second version is an instrumental power trio dedicated to live performance in Jazz fusion styles, tinged with Blues, Funk and Rock. Various concerts and festivals in French-speaking Switzerland.

Concert at the festival of Europe (1998). Recording of the album “Un Paìs Con El Sol” (1999) and the album “The TOON’S Live” (1997). 

1994 – 1996 Guitarist and composer of the “Toon’s from IO” band in San Francisco

Hard Rock / Alternative Rock with strong Blues and funk influences style.

The originality and marketing potential of the compositions raise the interest of the singer Brian Johnston’s contacts of the music industry in San Francisco. 

Responsible for project management and organization, with his brother, he assumes the logistics and relocation of the group to San Francisco. 

The group signs a contract with the management company and law firm “Law Offices of Benjamin Menzel Dai” in San Francisco. 

The group signs a contract with WE BD I Productions. 

Various concerts in San Francisco. 

Recording of the album “TOON’S from IO” at the studio “PYRAMIND” in San Francisco.

1991-1994 Guitarist and composer of the Whispering formation 

Rock Hard Californian FM style. 

Back from the USA he founded this group and composed the tracks with the collaboration of the English singer Neville Champendal. The WHISPERING group takes its influences in Californian Rock Hard FM. 

1993 Recording of the album “Escape”. Engagement with the EXCALIBUR Label. 

Filming of the promotional video clip with the dancers of the Grand Théâtre and the collaboration of the cameramen of “Free News” Geneva. 

1992-1993 Recordings of compilations Lucky Stage and Festival Auto-Control

Festival Auto-Control 1993

Winner of the Lucky Stage contest at C.P.M. (Music Promotion Center, Geneva) for the compilation “Live 92”. 

Various concerts in French-speaking Switzerland. 


Music studies and guitar technique over two years at the Musicians Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, US. 

  • Diploma from the Musician’s Institute with SPECIAL MENTION “HONORS”.
  • Outstanding Nomination Student Of The Year 1991. (nomination for the best student of the year section guitar) 
  • Jazz Concept Study with JOE DIORIO. (Mister Jazz 1989)
  • Study of Jazz Fusion improvisation techniques with SCOTT HENDERSON. (Tribal Tech)
  • Rock / Hard FM improvisation technique with JENNIFER BATTEN Guitarist of MICHAEL JACKSON. 

1979 – 1988 Study of piano and guitar in private lessons

Private jazz piano lessons with Alain Guyonnet 

Ternary piano workshop at A.M.R. (Association for the Promotion of Improvised Music). 

Guitar lessons at E.T.M. (The School of Musical Technologies of Geneva). 

1978 – 1988 Pianist songwriter, guitarist and singer

Founder of a musical formation Pop Rock and Jazz Rock. He is a songwriter, singer pianist and guitarist. 

He gives various concerts and festivals in Geneva within the framework of the two formations. He records his first promotional albums in Geneva. 

1972 – 1976 Popular Music Conservatory of Geneva 

Basic study certificate of music theory 

Studies of classical music at the piano